How to Download This Article As a File

Read, hit the print icon above, or copy all these intructions before doing step 1.

Step 1- Click on the "Home" button below.

Step 2- Right click (Win95/98) on the words [Is Divorce and Remarriage Adultery?]

Step 3- From the drop down menu, click on [Save Link As...]

Step 4- In the [Save As...] window, click, maneuver to, and open the folder that contains your word processor documents (files). For example: in MSWord it is usually called "My Documents."

Step 5- In the [File Name] sub-window it should say "divorce.htm." Now click the "save" button. The file is now on your hard drive in the folder that you chose in step 4.

Step 6- Open your word processor - MSWord, Wordperfect, etc. Click on "Open" under the word "File" or use the appropriate icon.

Step 7- In the "Open" window before you, look for the sub-window labeled "Files of Type" - Now click the drop down list and select "All Files."

Step 8- "divorce.htm" should now be visible in the upper large window. Double click on it to open it. Print it, "save as..." a ".doc" file, or keep as an "htm" file.