Where do you get your Truth?

Question: I have done extensive research also.  Where exactly do you get your Truth?  Have you heard of Dr. Kinley?

Answer: I get what I think is truth from continued reading of the Scriptures (over seventeen years now; having read through, in order, cover to cover many times), study of Biblical Hebrew for my own proof of translation, study of ancient manuscript veracity, reading the background of the translators and doctrines that they held, reading other peoples opinions on issues and their reasons for believing what they believe, and lastly praying to be led by Yahweh away from error, deception, and self-deception.
Yes, I have heard of Dr. Kinley.  I have looked over IDMR doctrine.  I cannot recommend it, since I disagree with some core doctrines.  One point for comment would be that I believe that there is one Mighty One, Yahweh; that "Elohim" is the Hebrew generic word for a mighty one as the word "God" is in English (it therefore is also used in Scripture to refer to Yahweh); that Yahshua was a human (granted, a special one anointed by Yahweh for a unique purpose); and that the Holy Spirit (set-apart breath, in Hebrew) is Yahweh's power in action and not an entity.
I am at the point now where I am not affiliated with any organization, nor do I follow any one man's teaching.  I've been there; it is too limiting.  Once you do not agree, you don't fit in or you are ignored or asked to leave.  It stifles my search for truth.  Today so much is directly available to us: the Dead Sea Scroll translations(now in print), the work still being done on the fragments from the Cairo Geniza, the thoughts of Origen (185-254) at the time he wrote his Hexapla and his alteration of the Septuagint column in his work.  Of course, the personal doctrines of Westcott and Hort as they worked on their translations cannot be ignored.  The religious-political atmosphere among the writers of the original King James Version is an eye opener.
Trust in the Pentateuch; it  is the most unaltered, even from 200 B. C. to 1008 A.D. as evidenced in the Leningrad Codex and BHS translation.  I believe in Messiah, Yahshua, by the written reports of the eye witnesses.  And, Yahshua confirmed Torah.  For more on this see "How to Keep the Feasts Without the Sacrifices" under TOPICS.